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  • Brent Bozell notes the obvious bias in PBS’s recent program dealing with the murder of George Tiller.
  • National Right to Life Committee’s Dave Andrusko on Barack Obama’s Father’s Day comments:

    Obama has eloquently written of what he went through when abandoned by his own father, the price that he paid. Without the selfless involvement of his maternal grandparents, the young Barack Obama would never have had the advantages that made it possible for him someday to become President.
    But the point of his essay in Parade–made over and over–is that fathers matter, and that they matter most of all when times are tough.
    At the risk of stating the obvious, there are fewer more difficult times than when the father of the baby (often, but by no means always, not married to the mother) learns she is carrying their baby.

  • What’s worse – attempting to cover up statutory rape or receiving training and support from conservative organizations? From his Alternet piece on Lila Rose, it appears Bill Berkowitz thinks the latter is worse. His research is also so flimsy, he appears to think Rose founded the Advocate (a pro-life student publication at UCLA) in the last couple of months.
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