UPDATE, 11:20p: I’m bestowed my honor beginning at 2:00 on the tape…

[HT: reader Janet]
In a small slew of emails calling me the c-word I read the news that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann named me the “Worst Person in the World!” tonight. Sure enough!
My award comes for supposedly making the supposedly last 2 late-term abortionists in the free world sitting ducks for Tiller copycat killers by posting their addresses and photos of their mills.

Never mind that I didn’t actually post the addresses of LeRoy Carhart and Warren Hern (see posts here and here), had I done so it would have been akin to posting the address of President Obama and being accused of making him a target for nutcases.

Libs, get a brain. These guys both advertise on the web. They want people to know where they operate, pardon the pun.

Tomorrow Keith had best make Google the “Worst Search Engine in the World!” for posting a map and directions to Carhart’s Abortion & Contraception Clinic of Nebraska and Hern’s Boulder Abortion Clinic.

Furthermore, Carhart and Hern have enjoyed more positive press in the past 4 days than they’ve had over the course of their sick and sorry careers, gleefully taking every call from every news organization. Suddenly they’re brain-sucking heroes. They love it.

The picture of Hern below – in front of his mill? It was posted in the Los Angeles Times an hour ago.

hern lat.jpg
This photo of Carhart’s filthy rat hole of a chop shop? Published by the Associated Press June 1…
carhart mill associated press.jpg
Still, I proudly accept my award. Thank you for the badge of honor, Keith!

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