Gary McCoy of MSNBC provides the proper context to view the May 31 murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller
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As expected, there was no shortage of pro-abortion political cartoons linking the murder to anything from pro-life “hate speech,” to religious fanaticism, to terrorism, to hypocrisy, and to the movement itself.
For example, it couldn’t get any more pointed than this, by Don Wright of

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Would Wright ever consider substituting the word “ISLAM” for “PRO-LIFE”? Its members have certainly demonstrated a thousands-fold greater propensity for violence. In this decade alone the ratio is ~3,000:1, just in the US. The last killing came only 3 days after Tiller’s.
Nah. Way politically incorrect.
Plus, ironically, Wright innately knows he has nothing to fear from pro-lifers but would have to worry about the whereabouts of his own head if posting such a sweeping political statement against Islamists.
See more pot shots below.
by Steve Benson from
cartoon 6-7 Steve Benson mycomics 6-3 comparison of terrorists.gif
by Ben Sargent for
cartoon 6-7 Ben Sargent 6-6 mycomics kill for jesus-allah.gif
by Tony Auth for
cartoon 6-7 Tony Auth 6-3 mycomics hateful rhetoric.gif
by Lalo Alcaraz for
cartoon 6-7 Lalo Alcaraz 6-4 pro-life gun mouth.gif
by Stuart Carlson for
cartoon 6-7 Stuart Carlson mycomics 6-2 respect Gods law.gif
This last one, by Jim Morin for, is interesting, an admission, although I’m sure that wasn’t his intent…
cartoon 6-7 Jim Morin 6-4 trading bloody photos.gif

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