From the Associated Press, July 14:

Norma McCorvey, 61, of TX, better known as “Jane Roe,” began screaming that Sotomayor was “wrong” about abortion during the opening statement of the newest member of the Senate, Al Franken, D-MN….
Capitol Police identified the other three arrested as: Robert James, from VA; Andrew Beacham of IN; and Francis Mahoney of FL. Police did not provide their hometowns….

Sweetness & Light has noted the “suddenly meticulously informative AP,” keen on getting the name, rank, and serial number of pro-life protesters at the Sotomayor hearings, when it doesn’t bother with such details when covering liberal Code Pink protesters.
Wrote Sweetness & Light:
code pink.jpg

This stands in stark contrast to the way the AP and the rest of our watchdog media treat radical leftwing protesters, such as Code Pink.
You will never see a news report about a Code Pink demonstration even mention who the disruptors are, let alone that they are members of a small professional group of protesters who do these stunts for a living….

And yet Code Pink is such a small group of ubiquitous harridans that surely by now even our oblivious watchdog media must know them each by name.
But oddly enough, their names are almost never mentioned.
For, unlike these abortion protesters, we are always supposed to believe that these leftwing protesters are simply outraged citizens who have sprung up from the grassroots.
Such as when the Code Pinker founder and Obama “bundler” Jodie Evans disrupted Sarah Palin’s speech at the GOP convention.
Why the double standard?
And will a member of the committee pay the abortion protesters fines, as Mr. Conyers and others are wont to do for Code Pink?

[AP photo and caption attribution: Sweetness & Light]

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