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… [W]hile remembered by many as “the most trusted man in America,” many of Walter Cronkite’s more radical, but lesser known views, would be considered repugnant even to many of his greatest fans.
For instance, up until his death Cronkite served as honorary chair of the Interfaith Alliance, an organization dedicated to countering the influence of conservative Christianity on federal politics….

Part and parcel with Cronkite’s campaign against religion in public life was his outspoken vocal support of abortion and same-sex marriage. In 2003-2004… Cronkite wrote a column for King Features Syndicate, which was published in about 180 newspapers….
It certainly is the right of the anti-abortionists and those who oppose gay marriages to defend, express and even propagandize their beliefs,” he says, “but is it their right to impose their definition of morality on those who hold opposing views? The answer is a resounding ‘no’…. This columnist believes that among conservatives and liberals alike there is a majority who would put the sanctity of individual rights even above the sanctity with which some would endow the banning of abortion and gay marriage….
In 1965, before abortion was made legal in the US, Cronkite made CBS the first network in America to feature a documentary on abortion when he hosted the hour-long episode of CBS Reports entitled “Abortion and the Law”…
The documentary claimed to tackle the controversial issue impartially, dealing with the “legal, moral and medical aspects,” but in fact, it amounts to an hour-long argument in favor of legal abortion. Amidst a barrage of experts spouting the need for abortion and women giving horrifying testimonies about illegal abortions, Cronkite pays mere lip service to the pro-life viewpoint….
Cronkite concludes, “We believe the moral, medical, social, and economic aspects of abortion should be opened to public discussion, for if changes in the law are advisable, this can only be done by the American people themselves….”

That would have been nice, but as we know the American people were not the ones to keep or change abortion law as Cronkite suggested. Activist judges did. But it is reasonable to assume Cronkite approved the Supreme Court’s anarchy since he never disavowed it but rather went on to condone legalized abortion the rest of his life.
Here is that CBS documentary:

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