tribal.jpgby intern Heather B.
On June 26, 10k students from 12 schools trekked 3 km to promote a timeless message: life is precious.
The march for life in Coimbatore, southern India, bore a unique mission: to be an advocate for the annual 5 million victims of abortion in the world’s most gender-imbalanced country: girls….

Organized by the All India Association for the Abolition of Discrimination Against the Girl Child and Michael Job Centre for Orphan Girls in India, the rally received untiring support from local colleges and schools and was endorsed by international pro-life organizations from the US, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania.
During the march, participants walked while holding signs with messages that read, “Do not kill us,” while shouting “Adoption against abortion” and “No discrimination against girl child.”
IndiaAbortion.gifThe event also featured empowering and inspirational speeches delivered by the founders and presidents of the event’s organizers.
The rally was a major public witness against the media-promoted cultural and societal belief that girl children are a financial burden to their families, particularly because of the country’s tradition of providing dowries. Despite laws intended to safeguard against sex-selective abortions by banning ultrasounds to determine the gender of the baby, India is a frequent target for the abortion industry. This strategic discrimination contributes to the country’s stark population imbalance.
As one charismatic participant summarized, “We are proclaiming life to the nations…we are saying that life will come to this generation!”


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