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  • A local CBS station has already covered the release of Lila Rose’s latest undercover tape and received a statement from someone at the sheriff’s office and Planned Parenthood.
  • The OH Supreme Court has issued two abortion related rulings.
    One ruling prevents the parents of a teen who received an abortion at Planned Parenthood from obtaining PP’s medical records. The parents wanted the records to bolster their civil case against PP for failing to notify them….

    The other ruling finds that the OH legislature can regulate the off-label use of RU-486 and prevent abortion providers from prescribing after 7 weeks into pregnancy.

  • The Miami Herald reports PP will be re-opening two clinics in Broward county which were shut down last year because of financial mismanagement:

    The clinics will reopen at their former sites in Pembroke Pines and Oakland Park and offer exams, HIV testing and access to birth control. In the winter, the sites are likely to add add abortion services.
    Last year, four PP clinics in Broward and one in Boca Raton were shut down amid financial mismanagement, and the national organization severed its ties.
    PP of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties could not account for about $440k of its $3 million budget, and there were allegations that an annual financial report had been falsified.

  • Despite the rough economy, abortions in MN decreased in 2008. The state’s pro-life group is lauding their pro-life legislation and even Kathi Di Nicola, a spokeswoman for PP MN, ND, SD, says that, “the overall decline in abortion in nearly every category is positive news.”
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  • Chuck Colson (pictured left) writes about how a PBS special showed unborn children responding to music:

    Part of this research involved the effect of music on fetuses. While we knew that mothers often sing to their unborn children, we weren’t sure that the unborn child could hear them. We are now. A segment of The Music Instinct featured Sheila C. Woodward of the University of Southern CA, who has studied fetal responses to music. A camera and a microphone designed for underwater use were inserted into the uterus of a pregnant woman. And then Woodward sang.
    The hydrophone picked up two sounds: the “whooshing” of the uterine artery and the unmistakable sound of a woman singing a lullaby. Then something extraordinary happened. Upon hearing the woman’s voice, the unborn child smiled….
    Perhaps understandably, the connection between fetal responses to music and abortion weren’t mentioned in the show. What is not so understandable is that the program’s website contains no mention of Woodward and her findings. It’s as if someone realized the implications and hoped nobody would notice.
    I don’t think that there’s some kind of conspiracy afoot. I just think that the PBS people’s worldview won’t allow them to make the obvious connection. Abortion on demand is only possible if people minimize the similarities between the fetus and us.

  • UCLA researchers have found that there molecular difference between induced pluripotent stem cells and embryonic stem cells:

    “We need to keep in mind that iPS cells are not perfectly similar to embryonic stem cells,” said Lowry, an assistant professor of molecular, cell and developmental biology. “We’re not sure what this means with regard to the biology of pluripotent stem cells. At this point our analyses comprise just an observation. It could be biologically irrelevant, or it could be manifested as an advantage or a disadvantage.”

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