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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • American Papist reports on the creation of a federal abortion plan with a twofold purpose: to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to reduce the need for abortion. According to the article, “the plan would seek to reduce unwanted pregnancies by funding comprehensive sex education and contraception and to reduce the need for abortion by bolstering federal support for pregnant women.”
    Some pro-life groups, including the Southern Baptist Convention and the US Council of Catholic Bishops, take issue with the unwanted pregnancy prevention action portion of the “common ground” plan primarily because it routes federal tax dollars to contraceptive distribution and comprehensive sex ed….

  • Says American Papist:

    For the White House, the decision about which tack to take is largely a question of whom it feels more comfortable alienating: religious groups like the Catholic bishops, which it has been trying hard to win over, or abortion rights groups, a key part of the Democratic base that it doesn’t want to lose.

    Touted by some as a sign that the White House is conceding ground, the release of the plan could prove a step forward for the pro-life cause.The release date is slated for sometime this summer, so stay tuned.


  • Why Mommy is a Republican comments on a story from LifeSiteNews, concerning the use of ultrasounds.
    According to the article, Connecticut Gov. Jodi Rell (pictured left) signed into a law of piece of legislation restricting the use of ultrasounds without medical reason or authorization by a physician. This law directly affects pro-lifers in particular, as pregnant women who will not be convinced by word alone are more likely to choose life after seeing the baby inside them.
    The reason Gov. Rell passed such a law? “Rell claimed she signed the bill because she is concerned about the health and safety of mothers and unborn children. However, no studies have revealed any negative health effects for either by viewing an ultrasound.”
    Effective July 1, the law comes after a 2004 FDA statement discouraging the use of ultrasounds for “entertainment,” in the form of prenatal portraits, videos, and CD-ROMs, as the long-term effects of such exposure are unknown. For the majority of pregnant women in the state of CT, the use of ultrasounds as entertainment is ludicrous, but the effects of this new law will doubtless be felt by pro-lifers across the state. This new legislation proposes little in the way of helping either the unborn or their mothers, and stands to potentially harm a great many.

  • Vital Signs reports on another medical breakthrough thanks to adult stem cells.
    The Journal of Oral Implantology reports a study conducted in goats found that adult stem cells can be cultured to produce the additional periodontal tissue needed to insure the success of dental implants. Periodontal tissue plays a role in dental implant success by anchoring and supporting the implant. Bone marrow-derived mesynchymal stem cells (BMDSC) were used during the study.
    While admittedly less serious than some ailments, the success of adult stem cells in yet another facet of medicine suggests the potential for their ever-broadening use in treating even greater numbers of diseases and disorders.
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