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  • In the National Review, Robert George, Patrick Lee and Maureen Condic respond to Ronald Bailey regarding Bailey’s argument that embryos aren’t living human beings because scientists can take mouse iPS cells, put them together with a blastocyst which can only form placental tissue, and create mouse embryos…

    For people who advocate the killing of embryonic human beings in the cause of biomedical research, the Holy Grail is an argument that would definitively establish that the human embryo, at least early in its development, is not a living human organism and therefore not a human being at all. The problem for these advocates is that all the scientific evidence points in precisely the opposite direction.

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  • Alveda King has an opinion piece in the Washington Times:

    Racism springs from the lie that certain human beings are less than fully human. It’s a self-centered falsehood that corrupts our minds into believing we are right to treat others as we would not want to be treated. So it is with abortion.
    Racism oppresses its victims, but also binds the oppressors, who sear their consciences with more and more lies until they become prisoners of those lies. They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit. While victims die physically, practitioners die spiritually. So it is with abortion.

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, 20 pro-life Democrats in the House sent a letter to the Democratic leadership on Friday noting they couldn’t vote for health care reform in its current form:

    The letter comes at a time when other blocs of House Democrats, such as the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition, have threatened to withhold their support for the bill. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-MI, warned that Democratic leaders should heed the group’s letter, saying the bill is endangered by the defection of anti-abortion Democrats.
    “I told leadership repeatedly, but they just sort of ignored us,” said Stupak, who signed the letter. “They ignore at their own peril.”

    Stupak is working on a compromise amendment with regards to abortion and health care reform:

    Stupak indicated that the compromise language would affect the treatment of state abortion laws under the bill. He offered few other details on the specific compromise language, but said the two sides are “working in good faith” and urged other members of the committee not to push their own abortion-related amendments.

  • Wesley Smith notes another induced pluripotent stem cell advancement in which iPS cells were used to repair the damaged hearts of mice.
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  • At Mere Comments, Hunter Baker shares a sermon he gave on abortion at his church:

    Despite this history, there are Christians today who will say we should leave behind this “political” issue of abortion and the sanctity of life. They recommend that we focus on our proper sphere of influence which is preaching the Word and saving souls. I am always fascinated by this kind of argument. And by fascinated, I think I really mean irritated.
    First, why in the world can’t we preach the word AND fight against injustice AND protect the weakest among us? Second, why wouldn’t we want to emulate the example of the early Christians? Don’t we try to be like them? Don’t Christians all over the world argue for the authenticity of their brand of the faith by claiming that they are MORE like the early church than anyone else? Aren’t they the ones who have passed the acid test and have been tried like gold? The demands of our Christian lives are as nothing compared to theirs.
    If we cannot be troubled to speak for the unborn, I agree with Francis Schaeffer that the people of ages to come will be right to question whether anything we believed about our God was true.

  • Police in Romania have detained three Romanians and have taken away the passports of five Israelis and told two other Israelis not to leave the country since they are suspecting in human egg trafficking:

    Romanian organized crime prosecutors have been investigating members of a network who allegedly brought couples who couldn’t have children to Romania and then got in touch with people who donate human eggs for money.

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