In his Jan. 22, 2009, proclamation lauding the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Obama wrote we must “reduce the need for abortion … [by] find[ng] common ground to expand access to affordable contraception, accurate health information and preventative services.”
Since then, “common ground” has become the talk of the pro-abort town.
A month ago, the pro-abortion website RH Reality Check, funded by Ted Turner, even launched an “On Common Ground” forum, inviting thinkers from both sides to publicly contemplate.
To date, of 15 contributors, only 2 are solidly pro-life – Kristen Day of Democrats for Life and Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life – and they have each only posted once.
The problem is pro-lifers fundamentally oppose every “common ground” plank Obama and pro-abortion strategists unilaterally established, which were, in English, widespread contraception distribution, comprehensive sex education and taxpayer funding of the “family planning” industry, i.e., Planned Parenthood.
The equivalent would have been for President Bush to say, “We must work to find common ground to stop government subsidizing of contraceptives, expand abstinence education and defund Planned Parenthood.” Right….

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