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  • Culture Campaign alerts readers to a July 1 New York Times article regarding how Obama “stimulus” funds are being spent:

    The so-called economic stimulus legislation is funding comparative studies on the effectiveness of health care options, which includes strategies of “over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives or other hormonal methods, expanding access to long-acting methods for young women, [and] providing free contraceptive methods at public clinics, pharmacies or other locations.”…

  • Pro-Life With Christ mentions a LifeSiteNews article on GE’s decision to use embryonic stem cells in its research. In the future, it appears more lab rats may be spared. Good for rats, bad for human embryos:

    General Electric has announced that it will use embryonic stem cells provided by Geron Corporation for the purpose of testing toxic effects of drug treatments.
    GE issued a statement, attempting to preempt criticism over the decision, saying, “We acknowledge the considerable debate and take very seriously the ethical and societal issues associated with research using stem cells derived from embryonic or fetal tissue.”
    “We conduct our research in an ethically and scientifically responsible manner,” the statement said….

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    “Up to three quarters of toxicity problems are not detected until preclinical or later stages of drug development and this significantly increases the cost of developing new drugs,” Geron Corp. said in a press release, “Earlier detection of toxicity problems could reduce both overall drug development costs and potentially harmful patient exposure in clinical trials.”
    Konstantin Fielder, General Manager of Cell Technologies at GE Healthcare said that stem cells harvested from human embryos could even replace lab rats as the primary scientific testing method.
    “Once you have human cells and you can get them in a standardized way, like you get right now your lab rats in a standardized way, you can actually do those experiments on those cells,” he said….

  • Forest Nymph reports on a NPR article focusing on conscience protections for health care workers:

    According to a survey conducted for the Christian Medical Association, “90% of those surveyed said they will quit their practices before violating their conscience,” said David Stevens, the group’s executive director….
    Joxel Garcia, who was assistant secretary for health in the Bush administration and helped write the regulations now at issue, said they’re needed because so few health workers even know that protections exist. He didn’t, he said, when he was applying to be a medical resident in obstetrics and gynecology in the late 1980s and was told point-blank not to apply to certain programs if he wouldn’t do abortions.
    “I didn’t know at that time that those facilities that were receiving federal funds were not supposed to discriminate against me because I did not perform terminations of pregnancy or abortions,” he said….


    [Nancy] Berlinger (deputy director of the Hastings Center, a bioethics think tank in Garrison, NY), like many other opponents of the rules, thinks they are so vague that they would let any health worker object to providing any service at any time for any reason — even reasons that don’t necessarily stand up to scientific scrutiny.
    “Words like belief,” she said, “when you talk about them in the context of health care, aren’t just anything you might think of. They have to be defensible. And a false belief about science or the promotion of ambiguity where things can be disambiguated,” as in the idea that birth control is equal to abortion, “is not ethical.” (emphasis added)

    Though the pro-abort stance against the humanity of the unborn child is a “false belief about science,” they continue to kill children based on that belief. It’s amazing how the facts only matter in certain circumstances.

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