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  • Canadian pro-life advocate David MacDonald shares the story of a young woman he met while protesting at an abortion clinic:

    Afterwards she wanted to die. She cut herself with razor blades all over her body and ended up in a psych ward. The walls were blank but she saw children running all around on the walls and she was in incredible turmoil. When she was released she had tattoos engraved all over her body, some she did herself….

    She lifted up the front of her shirt and showed us a tattoo over her uterus of a thorn thicket. She said it represented her now inhospitable uterus. She said “It’s a big lie what this world says, it’s a real baby, and I will never be able to replace my lost baby, and I may not be able to have kids anymore because of complications.” She continued “I don’t know how to get over it.”

    Read the whole thing to find out why this girl was at the abortion clinic that day.

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  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of the Special Olympics, died this morning. According to USA Today’s obituary:

    Unlike other members of her Democratic clan [pictured left with pro-abort daughter Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger], she remained opposed to legalized abortion and was a longtime supporter of the group Feminists for Life.

  • KS Gov. Mark Parkinson and the KS Department for Health and Environment have completely cut funding for an abortion alternatives fund after the KDHE was asked to make a 2% budget reduction.
  • A new law in Quebec which requires health clinics that perform surgeries to have operating rooms could close 3 abortion clinics. Unfortunately, Montreal’s health agency is working on making sure they can find the resources to cover the 100 “interventions” a week which take place at these clinics:

    What we have already guaranteed is that of the 100 interventions that we need per week, we have about 72 to 75 already covered,” said the agency’s president, David Levine, adding that he’s confident the government will find the resources to accommodate the other 25.

  • R. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor in VA, is hoping that he’ll be helped in the polls by highlighting his opponent’s history of sponsoring pro-life legislation.
    [Photo attribution: chinadaily.com]

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