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  • Ross Douthat compares Senator Kennedy with his sister Eunice, who also recently passed away:

    What the siblings shared – in addition to the grace, rare among Kennedys, of a ripe old age and a peaceful death – was a passionate liberalism and an abiding Roman Catholic faith. These 2 commitments were intertwined: Ted Kennedy’s tireless efforts on issues like health care, education and immigration were explicitly rooted in Catholic social teaching, and so was his sister’s lifelong labor on behalf of the physically and mentally impaired.
    What separated them was abortion….

  • I wish Frank Schaeffer would please explain why he’s so “appalled” by abortion but thinks it should be legal? What’s so appalling about abortion?
    Schaeffer also notes his opinion that Roe should be overturned so decisions about the legality of abortion could be handed back to state legislatures.
  • Amanda Marcotte provides probably the worst “argument” for why government funds wouldn’t be used to pay for abortions under current versions of health care reform legislation: Because she said so….

    There’s 2 separate claims and 1 implication that this hysterical wingnut screaming at a town hall is making, and all are wrong. 1st, that the health care bill will include funding for abortion. This is wrong, as I’ve already stated. The 2nd claim is that abortion is not health care. This is also wrong. The implication is therefore that we shouldn’t fund abortions under universal health care, and this is also wrong.

    She seems to believe that because she said something previously, that it is therefore automatically true and she doesn’t need to provide any evidence to refute FactCheck.org’s analysis or Time’s analysis.

  • Abortionist LeRoy Carhart gave Action3News a tour of his abortion facility.
  • The Kansas City Star has an article about Scott Roeder, abortionist George Tiller’s killer, and his religious background. He’s a Messianic Jew.
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