UPDATE, 2:08p: As noted in some of the comments, Fr. Jenkins has yet to drop charges against the ND 88, the protesters who trespassed Notre Dame’s property during the President’s commencement address. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey provides relevant analysis:
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Jenkins himself will participate in a massive protest against abortion. Will he do so while prosecuting the woman at the center of the court case that has lent years to the pro-life cause to undo the damage of Roe, merely for the offense of having embarrassed Jenkins during Obama’s appearance? Does Notre Dame, a Catholic institution, really want to press criminal charges against fellow pro-lifers who did nothing on their campus except hold signs and pray the Rosary?…

Jenkins should drop the charges and end what seems to be a personal grudge against these activists. Until he does, he risks being a modern-day Pharisee, hiding behind trespassing statutes to gain retribution against those who publicly disagreed with Jenkins about his invitation to Obama. We’ll pray that Jenkins makes the right decision.

by Carder
From the South Bend Tribune via Gateway Pundit:
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In the aftermath of the controversial commencement visit by President Barack Obama, the University of Notre Dame’s president plans to participate in the March for Life in January in Washington, DC.
The Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university president, announced Wednesday in an e-mail to the campus community that he will participate in the Jan. 22 march. He encouraged others to join him.

We’ll join him alright, complete with cameras, microphones, and plenty of questions for the good reverend. First question: Why are you even here?
To add more irony, since the President’s address to Notre Dame, Father Jenkins has established a campus Task Force on Supporting the Choice for Life. According to the SBT:

It will be co-chaired by Margaret Brinig, a law professor and associate dean at Notre Dame Law School, and John Cavadini, a theology professor, chair of the theology department and director of the university’s Institute for Church Life….
Jenkins has charged the task force to consider and recommend ways that Notre Dame, informed by Catholic teaching, can support the sanctity of life.
Possibilities the task force has begun to discuss, Jenkins wrote, include fostering serious and specific discussion about a reasonable conscience clause; the most effective ways to support pregnant women, especially the most vulnerable; and the best policies for encouraging adoptions.

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