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Bloggers on break Blog World Expo 2009.jpgThe photo right is of bloggers on break at a blog convention, lol.
A couple Blog World Expo sessions yesterday were over our heads, such as the one on search engine optimization (seo). Indeed, we’ve learned that much being taught here is at the 301 or 401 level, and our knowledge base is somewhere between 101 and 201. Rich and I are hoping to integrate some of this stuff by osmosis.
But the class, “Writing killer blogs,” by Wade Kwon of Birmingham Blogging Academy, was quite helpful. I’m posting Kwon’s presentation, basically because I can, via a web tool I just learned of, SlideShare, which enables uploading and sharing of PowerPoint and other presentations….

2 take-aways not on Kwon’s slides:

  • Think about the titles we give graphics and photos. Readers may not see them, but the google spider will, and titles using keywords will help bump up a blog post on google rankings.
  • Don’t go for clever in headlines, go for keywords, for the same reason as above. Kwon said to study for a “crash course in headline writing.” CNN employs online editors specifically to get the most info in 6-7 words.
  • Don Lemon CNN Blog World Expo 2009.jpgThe most entertaining or enlightening events of yesterday were the 2 morning keynote addresses.
    One, entitled, “The death and rebirth of journalism,” featured a panel including Don Lemon from CNN (left) and conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt (below right).
    As I wrote yesterday, my impression is Blog World Expo is a liberal outpost.
    Hugh Hewitt at Blog World Expo 2009.jpgSo I was surprised when many in the audience cackled at Lemon’s complaints about the angry tone of some of the emails he receives. I was 1st surprised by Lemon’s whining, actually. What a baby. And he didn’t complain just once. He repeated his charge several times throughout the hour.
    When audience members further lambasted CNN during Q&A, I realized 1 hostile segment of the crowd were the “milbloggers,” or military bloggers, although they weren’t alone in charging CNN with either bias or inane reporting. Interesting. Lemon did admit, “Social media has upped my game.”
    Richard Jalichandra of Technorati gave the other great keynote address.
    Technorati has just completed its 2009 “State of the Blogosphere” study, which will be available on its site Monday.
    Technorati State of the Blogosphere logo.jpg
    Jalichandra, however, released much of the data via slides during his presentation yesterday, and I took photos of them, below. On them is interesting info on how bloggers use Twitter and how bloggers “monetize,” the IT Word of the week. (No longer say “earn money.” To be cool you must say, “monetize.”)
    Interesting findings, gleaned from 2,900 bloggers:

  • While some projected blogging to level or even die off with the rise of Facebook and Twitter, it has not. Bloggers were more prolific in 2009 than ever.
  • There has been an “amazing” rise in the professional class of bloggers. 28% of bloggers say it is their profession, while 72% call themselves hobbyists.
  • Re: professional bloggers: 2/3 are male. 60% are between the ages of 18-44. 17% say blogging is their primary source of income. 75% have college degrees. 40% have graduate degrees. 40% have worked in traditional media.
  • Professional bloggers measure success by not by personal satisfaction but by unique visitors and page views.
  • Blogging has become mainstream. MSM has even adopted some of the same writing style as bloggers.
  • Click all slides to enlarge…
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 5.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 1.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 2.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 3.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati Slide 4.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 6.JPG
    Blog World Expo Technorati slide 7.JPG

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