Today the New York Times features a quite fair characterization of pro-life activists and activism on its front page – above the fold. Pro-lifers are portrayed as smart, convicted, and compelling. Oh, sure, I could nitpick. But really, the tone of the story is one of respect for our beliefs: what we do, and why we do it.
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What’s more, and just as importantly, the NYT Photography, Video, and Visual Journalism online section features a photo exposé of remains of aborted babies. That story, too, is very good. Click to enlarge….

monica 1b.jpg
Reported the subject of the exposé, Dr. Monica Miller, in an email last night:

Perhaps for the first time in the history of the pro-life movement, a nationally recognized paper – or any newspaper for that matter – has (at last!) deliberately printed photos of actual abortion victims.
This is a story written by reporter Damien Cave , who attended the memorial service for murdered pro-lifer Jim Pouillon. After the service, the reporter approached your Citizens for a Pro-life Society director [photographed above and below left] and asked me about the use of graphic images in pro-life work.

monica nyt.JPG

We later did a 2 hour interview and this story is the result. Two photos featured in this on-line edition are of a baby aborted by the saline method of abortion and the other is the foot of an unborn child murdered at the Women’s Advisory abortion clinic in Livonia, MI [owned by now infamous abortionist Alberto Hodari] – retrieved from the trash by CPLS members in April 2008. The photos (of our photos) were taken by free lance photographer Stephen Mcgee.
This article IS A COUP – and is sure to generate much debate – but most importantly – we need to pray that hearts will be changed. Our goal is to show and tell the truth about the injustice of abortion. I hope this story helps awaken hearts and minds.
The story is accompanied by a 2 minute video featuring MI pro-life activists such as Deborah Anderson [JLS note: Haven’t spotted that yet.]
Please make comments in the comments section of the site. This is a great opportunity to plant seeds in people reading the comments section who normally would not be exposed to the truth about abortion. Take part in the discussion! This is a great opportunity to witness in such a liberal forum such as the NYT. Do your part!

Here are the 4 photos of aborted babies featured. Click to enlarge…
monica 2.jpg
monica 3.jpg
monica 4.jpg
monica 5.jpg
monica 6.jpg
This is hopefully a real breakthrough. Think about it. The New York Times has published photos of aborted babies. I’m very proud of Monica.

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