MI Right to Life’s Brian Cusack made the point at a banquet I recently attended that there is a schism between believing what 53% of Americans responded to a December 2005 Zogby poll, that “abortion destroys a human life and is manslaughter,” and putting it into practice.
Cusack called it “the great disconnect” that people would willingly stand by and even condone what they consider “manslaughter.”
A clear example of the great disconnect came Oct. 9 when the Nobel Peace Prize committee chose Barack Obama as its 2009 recipient.
Obama had only been in office 12 days when nominations closed and had furthermore done “jack and squat” in the nine months following, as a Saturday Night Live skit recently put it.
But the committee awarded Obama because he gave the world “hope for a better future,” according its statement.
The disconnect, of course, is Obama is the most pro-abortion president in US history, to the point of advocating postborn baby killing if it would interfere with preborn baby killing.
Actually, from a pro-abortion perspective, Obama has done “jack and pot” since becoming president….

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