Letterman and Obama garnered much attention by political cartoonists this week….
First Obama…
by Tom Coles of GoComics
cartoon 10-11 tom toles 10-11 gocomics hope obama wins good race.gif
and by Chip Bok of Townhall.com, what many news pundits have been speculating… kiss the surge good-bye?

cartoon 10-11 chip bok 10-11 gocomics mcchrystal obama larger.gif
and by Michael Ramirez of Townhall.com
cartoon 10-11 michael ramirez 10-10 nobel hanging on teleprompter.jpg
On to Letterman… by David Horsey of GoComics.com
cartoon 10-11 david horsey 10-8 gocomics letterman caught with pants down.gif
and by Steve Breen of Townhall.com
cartoon 10-11 larger.jpg
and by Mike Luckovich of GoComics.com
cartoon 10-11 mike luckovich 10-7 gocomics number 1 reason sleeping in my car.gif

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