UPDATE, 11/24, 12:25p: Flint MI’s ABC 12 TV ran a story last night about the alleged forced abortion by Alberto Hodari (whose real first name we now know is Abraham), interviewing the victim, Caitlin Bruce. “They ripped the life out of me that day,” she said. How true.

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11/23, 11:26a: Over the weekend the Chicago Tribune generically picked up on a Flint Journal story, although it avoided naming the perpetrator…

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A teenager claims in a lawsuit that an abortion provider in Flint and his assistant forcibly terminated her pregnancy after she screamed for them to stop.
The Flint Journal reports that the teen was 6 weeks pregnant when she went April 9 to the doctor’s clinic. The lawsuit claims she changed her mind before the doctor started and yelled to stop.
In a court filing, the doctor says the procedure was under way when she asked to stop and he had to complete the abortion….

The lawsuit also claims the teen was mistreated because she is black, a claim the doctor denies.
The lawsuit was filed June 12 in Genesee Co. Circuit Court. The seen seeks damages “far exceeding” $25k due to severe emotional stress, mental anguish and additional medical treatment.

So the abortionist’s name is Alberto Hodari, familiar to all of us for various gross reasons. Here’s the lawsuit.
The Flint Journal, which also omitted naming Hodari, added:

The teen alleges that she screamed “Stop, stop, I don’t want this,” before the procedure, but he and an assistant held her down and covered her mouth as they terminated her pregnancy, according to court documents.
She… has since been admitted to Hurley Medical Center because she was suicidal after the abortion, according to court documents.

The following doesn’t pertain to the story per se, except to show how Hodari the Hacker spends his blood money.
Sidewalk counselor Lynn reported that 2 men emptied out Hodari’s Livonia abortion mill garage Friday, revealing an antique car previously unknown to pro-lifers. It’s hard to keep track of them all.
hodari, car, abortion, flint, yellow.jpg
Once the men spotted Lynn taking pictures, they lowered the garage door partially to hide what all was inside…
hodari, livonia garage, abortion.jpg
And here’s an aerial view of Hodari’s Bloomfield Hills, MI, estate, also from Lynn, courtesy of Google maps…
Hodar's House 007, abortion.jpg

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