Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby intern Andy M.
Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Mary Harned at Americans United For Life deconstructs the Ellsworth Amendment for the Health Care Bill, showing that the only changes are words, not content. The so-called affordability credits they write would continue under the Ellsworth Amendment. The Stupak-Pitts Amendment is currently the only option which would ensure that any opportunity for abortions to be federally funded is absolutely ruled out….
  • Big Blue Wave reports on remarks from the chief rabbi in the UK, Jonathan Sacks, who commented recently on Europe’s falling birth rate, stating, “We are undergoing the moral equivalent of climate change and no one is talking about it.”
  • Judie Brown at the American Life League blog exposes the fact that reprogrammed cells from umbilical-cord blood could be used for research which is currently being done using human embryonic stem cells.
    Disturbingly, the basis for this new approach relies upon the prior killing of pre-born children so that their stem-cells can be examined and then replicated. And it gets even worse, with “embryo-splitting” possibly resulting in multiple genetically identical siblings.
  • Jakubczyk on Life brings us up to speed on the Hippocratic (or possibly “hypocritical”) Oath. Comparing the classical and modern versions of the oath that all doctors (including abortionists) must swear to before being instated, John shows that there is no difference. Abortionists are therefore all hypocrites as well as murderers.
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