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  • Democrat Diane DeGette claims she has more than 40 House Democrats who will vote against the final version health care reform legislation if it includes the Stupak amendment. Here’s the letter DeGette is passing around her caucus….

  • Ramesh Ponnuru has thoughts about the possibility of Republicans voting “present” on the Stupak amendment to prevent its passage. Bad idea.
  • Sarah Palin rallied pro-lifers in WI on Friday night, according to Politico’s Jonathon Martin:
  • Palin didn’t mention President Obama by name, but did take a shot at him for opposing an abortion-related measure as an IL state senator and more than once mocked his catch phrase.

    Apparently Martin doesn’t want to get into the details about President Obama’s opposition to legislation which provided protection to infants who survived abortions.

  • At the Huffington Post, Jessica Arons doesn’t seem to understand what insurance is for in the first place:
  • Stupak and his allies claim his Amendment doesn’t ban abortion from the Exchange because it allows plans to offer and women to purchase extra, stand-alone insurance known as a rider to cover abortion services. Hopefully the irony of this is immediately apparent: Stupak wants women to plan for a completely unexpected event.

    Ummmm… isn’t that what all types of insurance are for? Finding ways of planning ahead to pay for unexpected events like car crashes, house fires, and unplanned physical conditions?

  • One of the Abortioneers is surprised at the response she received from pro-choice classmates when she said she “loved abortion” out loud in a class. Her logic is impeccable:
  • What do I mean when I say I love abortion? To me, there is absolutely nothing wrong or surprising with the supposed “controversial” statement. I love women, therefore I love abortion. Abortion is a part of women’s lives.

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