Ok, friends, as the Thanksgiving holiday draws to a close, it’s time to reorient ourselves to the healthcare debate. To help get your blood boiling, here’s a particularly nasty political cartoon from the other side…
by Lalo Alcaraz at GoComics.com
cartoon lalo alcaraz 11-25 gocomics republican healthcare plan smallpox.gif
and this one’s just gross, by Signe Wilkinson at GoComics.com

Then on to rational views…
by Gary Varvel at GoComics.com
cartoon gary varvel 11-25 gocomics ill have what landrieu is having.gif
by Chip Bok at GoComics.com
cartoon chip bok 11-26 gocomics healthcare bill in luck bribe to save neck.gif
by John Deering at GoComics.com, the hard to read button on the 2nd Blanche Lincoln balloon says, “NOT SURE ABOUT HEALTH CARE”…
cartoon john deering 11-25 gocomics blanche lincoln 2 balloons.gif
by Bob Gorrell at GoComics.com
cartoon bob gorrell 11-26 gocomics jail no healthcare get helthcare.gif
by Steve Breen at Townhall.com

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