has reviewed the new book, Confessions of an ex-feminist. On her journey there and back author Lorraine Murray had an abortion:

Murray then movingly tells readers the story of the abortion she’d had years before. “No one,” she writes, “had prepared me for the flashbacks, which began about a year after the ‘procedure’…. I would relive the experience…. I started having upsetting reactions to babies…. A question started plaguing me: How old would my baby have been now?”

confessions of an ex-feminist.jpg

One night, her husband, Jef, encouraged her to attend an Advent penance service, where confessions would be heard. It had been years since she’d been to confession, but reluctantly, she went. With tears streaming down her face, this former feminist and long-time defender of abortion told the priest what she’d done. He explained that just as Jesus had said on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34), Jesus would forgive her, too.
Months later, however, Murray was still filled with self-
recrimination about her abortion….

She believed that God had forgiven her, but couldn’t forgive herself. She started meeting regularly with a woman from a group called PATH (Post-Abortion Treatment and Healing), and after many months, began to heal. Years later she came across a quote in The Privilege of Being a Woman which reminded her of how this woman had helped her: “Those who devote their loving attention to [women who have had abortions] know that the wound created in their souls is so deep that only God’s grace can heal it.”

Murray’s “plaguing question” about how old her baby would be immediately reminded me of a post I read just last night on the pro-abort blog, My abortion & related incidents. This was written January 7, 9-1/2 months after eve had her abortion:
My abortion and related incidents 1.png
Murray described having upsetting reactions to babies. So did eve in this post written about 2 weeks after her abortion:
my abortion and related incidents 5.png
A couple other confessions from our pro-abort post-abortive friend, all in one paragraph, written 2 days after her abortion. Eve doesn’t realize she’s describing feelings of having been raped, which some post-abortive mothers say they do feel, as well as suspicions about an sexually exploitive and selfish boyfriend:
my abortion and related incidents 3.png
I fully expected eve to have broken up with her boyfriend by now, because over 90% of post-abortive couples split, but they are still together. I still say it’s a matter of time.
Finally, eve demonstrates the schizophrenia of abortion-minded mothers and with refreshing candor expresses why over 90% of abortions are committed – for me, me, me. This was written last March 19, the day eve found out she was pregnant and almost 3 weeks before aborting:
my abortion and related incidents 4.png
Abortion is just the saddest thing ever.
Eve’s entire chronicle is an interesting and a fairly quick read. I expect she doesn’t realize she’s experiencing typical manifestations of post-abortion stress syndrome. Eve may stop in here, and I’d like to say welcome, eve. We’re all only here to talk.

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