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There’s a novel new pro-abort website in town, 45 Million Voices.
Pro-lifers will recognize the irony of the site’s name and purpose one millisecond after reading what it’s about. I have a hard time imagining how those behind 45 Million Voices missed how sociopathic their premise is…

45 Million Voices is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the stigma, shame, and silence surrounding abortion through education, empowerment, and sisterhood….
In this virtual space, we will share women’s stories of their abortions, unedited, posted as they are submitted to us. The goal is to provide a safe space to listen women into voice. A space where stigma is eradicated, silence is broken, and honesty prevails through the power of love and support….

[JLS note: This sounds to me like an invitation for post-abortive pro-life moms to submit their stories. Let’s see how honest these people are.]

The entire anti-abortion movement is dedicated to keeping women who have had an abortion silent. This is their strategy, and, unfortunately, it has been effective. By keeping women silent, fearful to say that they have had an abortion, shame is induced and automatically attached to abortion.
But we know now that this is a strategy. And now we can combat it.
With our voices. It is our most powerful asset.
At first, your voice might crackle a bit. At first, you might feel unsure, scared, intimidated. And why not? You have been inundated with a message over and over that having an abortion means you are a bad person and you should keep quiet.
Or maybe, your voice is ready. Maybe you have already been using your voice, telling your story. Now, you will have company. You will be joined by other voices, saying together “We have had abortions….”
Why 45 Million Voices? The name of the organization refers to the following statistic from the Guttmacher Institute: From 1973 through 2005, more than 45 million legal abortions occurred.

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Why no, I can’t imagine how loud they must be, really. 45 million babies babbling at once? No, I can’t imagine it.
And actually, the stat is old. It wouldn’t have been hard to do the math and come up with an accurate name. 45,000,000 / 32 x 37 = 52,031,250.
52 Million Voices is more like it.
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Read the stories. They sure don’t make abortion sound like a shining beacon on the hill. They’re heartbreaking. Stories of mistakes, fear, abandonment, selfishness, denial, drugs, threats, duress, exploitation. They always depict abortion as a consequence, not an achievement.
This is an exercise in futility. It is not people on the outside who make a mother feel guilty for killing her child. It is her instinctive maternal voice. It is her child’s voice. It is her voice of sanity, attempting to reason against the perverse…
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The only way out is to admit to oneself what one has done, repent, and seek and accept forgiveness from God. Truly, it’s the only way.

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