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UPDATE, 1/23, 9:41a: Well, I have to say the “mini-rally” lived up to its name. Disappointing turnout, maybe 200-300 people. It appears the decision by organizers to hush publicity for fear crowd size would eclipse the permit allowance of 3k prompted a self-fulfilling prophecy. Too bad. It would have been far better to have had the opposite problem.
Still, rallying for the sanctity of human life with the White House as the backdrop was a productive experience for me personally. I hope the March team does it again….

Standing with like-minded pro-lifers while mulling Obama’s policy decisions and radical pro-abortion staff appointments of this past tumultuous year was disturbing yet energizing.
Was Obama there? Did his girls glance out a window and wonder what was the commotion? Or did the Obamas keep them on the other side of their 3rd floor apartment to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?
1/21, 6:33a: March for Life hasn’t publicized this too much because its permit is for only 3,000 people.
obama planned parenthood 666, abortion, march for life, pro-life.jpgBut tonight in Lafayette Park, on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House, March for Life is sponsoring what it is billing a “mini-rally” to “bring the Life Principles to the President of the United States….”
I laugh at the term “mini-rally.” Pro-aborts would call a gathering of 3k an historic event of epic proportions. Recall the December 3 Stop Stupak Rally, which pro-aborts advertised for weeks but could only scrape up somewhere between 500-1k.
But I digress.
The March for Life “mini rally” will be from 6 to 8p. Attendees are encouraged to bring flashlights. No candles allowed.
I’ll be there and will post pictures later.

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