by Susie Allen and Jill Stanek
Kelly Wright, co-anchor of Fox’s Fox and Friends Weekend, was a guest this past Saturday on Mike Huckabee’s show, promoting his book America’s Hope in Troubled Times.
kelly wright.jpgKelly told the audience the story of his mother’s rape at age 16 by a pastor, and that Kelly was the product of that rape.
Kelly’s mother was offered an abortion, even though it was illegal at the time, but she obviously declined. Kelly’s mother later adopted a girl, but Kelly is her only biological child
Kelly is a busy and talented man. Aside from working at Fox, Kelly is also a pastor and motivational speaker, wherein he tells the circumstances of his unplanned conception.
And Kelly is also a fantastic singer, as he demonstrated on Huckabee Saturday….

Such a great loss the world would have endured without Kelly’s place in it.

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