I got to DC yesterday and will be in an all-day meeting today. I’ll try to blog if there’s wireless service.
obama takes oath.jpegOne year ago tonight I flew to Washington for the March for Life and related events – the night of Barack Obama’s inauguration.
My daughter’s apartment was 2 blocks from the White House. I said we should walk over because it was an historical night. She refused, and she made the right call. Doing so would only have poured salt in the wound. A whole year later I still have trouble thinking about or looking at the WH. I drove by it yesterday and only got upset.
What a wild year it has been. You may recall I took last January off from blogging due to burnout (and probably slight depression) from the election.
Turns out I needed it for Obama’s onslaughts to come. I’m more energized than ever. Anger can be a helpful emotion.
But I digress!
Students for Life of America has a schedule up of DC events the next few days.
virtual march for life.pngIf you can’t be in DC, Americans United for Life has got just the suggestion for you. It is sponsoring a Virtual March for Life. Create your own avatar and join!

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