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  • At the Stand to Reason blog, Alan Shelmon explains how he answers pro-choice objections with the pro-life two-step during an event at Central MI:
  • In the end, I was able to fend off the challenges raised against the pro-life view. I used a little organizing tactic to make my job easier. I call it the pro-life two-step. Most objections against the pro-life view can be categorized into 1 of 2 groups….

    1) They assume the unborn is not a human being.
    2) They disqualify the unborn from being a valuable human being based on an arbitrary quality or characteristic.
    As I heard each objection, I determined which of the two categories it fell in. Then, I responded accordingly.

  • From a long New York Times article on the health care reform negotiations comes this tidbit:
  • Lawmakers apparently spent little time discussing abortion at the White House. The House bill would impose more stringent restrictions than the Senate on insurance coverage of abortion.

  • A couple in South Africa have been arrested for running an underground abortion clinic.
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