I reported January 13 that pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak is mulling a run for governor in his home state of MI.
Stupak has emerged as a national political figure for his stand against public funded abortion in any socialized healthcare plan.
stupak, governor, abortion, betrayed, rh reality check, jodi jacobson.jpgStupak is rethinking his previous position that he was unelectable to MI’s highest office for his pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life stands. He now speculates the political climate may be just right for an independent, um, maverick, if you will.
But there’s a problem. If Stupak forsakes his congressional seat for gubernatorial aspirations, it will likely be warmed by a Republican. According to CQ Politics on January 12…

“It’s a gone district, if I’m not in there,” Stupak said. President Barack Obama won the district by a few hundred votes, Stupak said, despite pulling out all of the stops. But in a midterm election where the political winds are expected to favor the GOP, and without a candidate who is an “anomaly,” as Stupak described himself, Republicans are likely to pick up the seat.

And that has House Democrat leadership worried. With talk in the air of a 2010 Republican rout, they can’t afford to lose Stupak. That’s why, as CQ Politics also reported:

Stupak said that he’s already gotten a call from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (MD) urging him to run for re-election.

This has pro-aborts, already feeling betrayed by the pro-abort led House’s passage of the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, feeling reravaged. Calling Stupak the guy of “can’t-do-enough-to-help-the-Bishops-strip-women-of-their-rights… fame,” RH Reality Check’s editor Jodi Jacobson wrote yesterday:

There you have it, gals. The Democratic Party once again has your back.
To the firing squad.
Perhaps they are also urging Joe Pitts and Ben Nelson to create a joint ticket for 2012.

Pro-aborts are simply learning the hard way what pro-lifers have known for years, the quest for political power often trumps ideology.
[Photo via Wonkette]

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