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  • The KS legislature is considering a bill which would prevent insurance companies from covering elective abortions unless the abortion coverage is paid for with an additional payment.
  • In FL, a man has been arrested for sexual assault after allegedly impregnating a 12-year-old. Authorities found out about the assault after the girl got a 24-week abortion.

  • Creative Minority Report notes that a play focusing on abortion has run into difficulty finding a stage. Celebrated playwright Jonathan Reynolds believes it’s because the play includes an outspoken pro-lifer:
  • “People have basically said, ‘How dare you put somebody so antiabortion onstage – and not make fun of her?’?…

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    “In my opinion, a lot of the old lefty arguments have not been brought up to date, and the right-wing ones have science on their side now,” he argues. “I’ve talked to many people from the pro-choice organizations, and they don’t have anything to say other than it’s a woman’s right to choose. But I do question that and say, ‘Oh yeah? Who says you’ve got the right to choose?’ That’s what a character in the play basically says.
    “I think for women of a particular generation, this isn’t something even to be discussed: It is a basic human right,” Simpson observes. “A consideration of what abortion is, even just on a clinical level, isn’t something that they’re interested in encountering.”

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