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  • The Times Online has an interesting, but not surprising, article about embryonic stem cells. Proving how politicized everything with ESCR has become, Geron intentionally delayed the application of its embryonic stem cell clinical trial so it could be accepted just after President Obama’s inauguration, because they didn’t want the Bush Administration to receive the credit….

  • Jared Ahlstrom has plead guilty to drugging his pregnant girlfriend with misoprostol:
  • The baby died nearly a year ago but it wasn’t until November when Ahlstrom told the mother of the child that the miscarriage wasn’t an accident.
    In a written statement, Chief Deputy District Attorney Dan Rubinstein said, “It is unfortunate that CO law only makes this a class 4 felony. It is considered a ‘non-extraordinary risk’ crime, and carries no mandatory sentencing of any sort. It has a maximum of 12 years prison, but he is eligible for any type of sentence.”


  • Wesley Smith notes attempts in the Netherlands to expand the legalization of assisted suicide to individuals who are over 70 and “tired of life”:
  • I have long believed that once killing is accepted as an acceptable answer to human suffering, the culture changes to the point that life itself ceases to matter if the person in question is perceived as “suffering.” …
    Unbelievable, but entirely logical. Once you start down this road, it is never enough. And why limit it to people age 70 and over? Surely 68 year olds who are tired of life deserve “choice.” And in fact, why not just anybody sufficiently depressed to want to die for longer than two weeks? Yup, that is already happening – officially approved by the Dutch Supreme Court.

  • The VA Senate has passed a measure to allow pro-choice license plates, but the Senate measure doesn’t include an amendment added in the House to prevent any funds from going to Planned Parenthood.
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