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Angie Jackson.jpgAt this point Angie Jackson decides to live tweet her RU-486 abortion. Following is Angie’s rationale, via YouTube. Note she says the sonogram was not to ascertain her baby’s gestational age but “the state of my pregnancy.” Hadn’t heard those particular word hoops before.
Also note it is precisely why Angie denies she’s aborting publicly that she is…. “not for some publicity stunt, or attention, or to justify this to myself.” Don’t need a psych degree to analyze that one….

Having the perspective of hindsight several days later, we now know Angie’s RU-486 abortion was not the breeze she thought it would be when she began live-tweeting her experience. More on that in Part IV. Here she tweets this will be a “4 hour bleed-out” (Feb 19, 7:30p). What kind of teaching did she not get at Planned Parenthood? WARNING: vulgarity…

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