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Our friend and former intern Andy continues to draw our attention to pro-life efforts halfway around the world….

Stop Family Planning, a New Zealand-based pro-life group, staged a march in Wellington on February 12 that drew hundreds of pro-lifers. According to its website:

A Stop Family Planning spokesperson said that the turnout indicated strong support for their call for the Abortion Supervisory Committee to deny the Family Planning Association [International Planned Parenthood affiliate] an abortion licence to kill babies with the dangerous abortifacient, Mifepristone….

This, of course, is also known as RU-486.
Pro-life groups believe the availability of this drug will increase the number of abortions well beyond the current 18k committed in NZ annually.
Be sure to click on SFP link to read excellent Grisborne Herald article outlining the serious concerns with RU-486.
Those who have been following my Live tweeting abortion series know Angie Jackson has been experiencing all the side effects – nausea, vomiting, headache, cramping, and bleeding – for several days. And those are the least of the potential problems with RU-486. Here’s a remarkable couple of quotes from the piece, which you’d never find in the American press:
RU-486, abortion, inventor.pngSFP’s young spokesman appeared on TVNZ’s Breakfast Programme to discuss the issue, also getting much fairer treatment than he would on a US news show. And he did fabulously for an 18-year-old, as good as any pro-life old hat….


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