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Well, with the abortion circus Angie Jackson has created around herself it’s interesting to know it’s this sideshow here she’s got on her mind. ABC News has a camera crew at her home right now, and here’s what she just tweeted…
Jill Stanek, abortion, angie jackson.png
and a few minutes before that…

jill stanek, angie, abortion, 2.png

Given all that, it is this tweet Angie wrote earlier today I’d like to focus the rest of this blog post on…
jill stanek, angie jackson 3.png
So with all the attention I’m apparently giving and receiving, I’d like to take this opportunity to divert attention to a particular little detractor Angie would like to forget about, her 4-week-old baby. Too bad ABC will never have the opportunity to interview him or her and ask what s/he thinks about all this.
Here’s a glimpse of Angie’s baby’s amazing development before s/he died, via the Endowment for Human Development

Had Angie asked the abortion clinic sonographer to turn on the sound, which they refuse to do otherwise, she would have heard her baby’s heartbeat, which began beating around Day 21.
Here are other facts about Angie’s amazing and intricately developed little 4-week-old guy, who she at various times called a “parasite,” “thing,” “it,” “roach,” “squatter,” and “tapeworm.” (Angie, did you mention those descriptions to ABC News? No worries, I’ve saved the tweets.)…

  • The brain has differentiated into the 3 main parts.
  • Specific parts of the eye, such as the retina, the future pigment of the retina and the optic stalk are identifiable.
  • Mouth with a tongue is recognizable.
  • Thyroid, lymphatic system, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, and pancreas continue to form.
  • Upper limb buds are visible as ridges and the lower limb buds begin to develop.
  • The first thin surface layer of skin appears.
  • Such a miraculous detraction, now dead, or a “carcass,” as Angie called him or her.
    [Thanks to Bryan Kemper and Twitter friend Jill for helping me keep track of Angie’s prolific tweets]

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