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Gerard Nadal at Coming Home provides excellent analysis, catching a good comment by Christina at this blog, “When you’re reduced to pitching a hissy fit that a mother brags about her baby, you’re screwed.”, abortion, focus on the family, pro-life.png

The Tim Tebow spot, arguably one of the most controversial and anticipated Super Bowl commercials in recent memory, debuted with more whimper than bang….
But the ad never explicitly delivered its “pro-life” message.
Instead, Pam Tebow spoke vaguely about worrying about her boy and how she almost lost him “so many times,” after which viewers were encouraged to visit to hear their story.
So many heeded the call that the Web site either refused to open or moved slower than Abe Vigoda on the football field in that Snickers ad throughout the first half.

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The Nation

Folks – the Tim Tebow/Pam Tebow ad has finally aired and it is about as vanilla as an Andy Williams Christmas Special….
This has the anti-choice right wing on the blogs mocking the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood for “making a big deal over nothing.”…

But the concerns of NOW and PP were absolutely spot on when you saw the final shot of the ad: “This message is brought to you by Focus on the Family.” The idea that FOTF – an organization that believes in reparative therapy for LGBT people, that likens abortion rights to the Nazi holocaust, and that has shadowy connections to open hate groups – gets this kind of a mammoth public forum is an absolute disgrace….
[T]he idea that FOTF, an organization which stands unequivocally for the view that other women should be denied Pam Tebow’s choice would get this kind of prime commercial real estate, exposes CBS as a frighteningly fraudulent operation. They should offer free commercial time to PP. And if Roe vs. Wade is ever deemed unconstitutional, I hope the executives at CBS ponder their role in this process. Maybe it’ll cross their minds when they are taking their daughters on a first class trip to France for legal, safe abortions….

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USA Today

Touchdown! The long-awaited, much-hyped ad from Focus on the Family aired shortly after the Colts and Saints kicked off at Super Bowl. And their early hit could have the last laugh on critics.
What could they say to this?…
For a week now, earnest groups have been protesting the anti-abortion, anti-gay rights Focus group getting CBS to change its policy against advocacy advertising and let this issue ad run.
Now, it’s airing and it’s a major score in the “Euphemism Bowl” – no mention of abortion, of choosing to carry a life-threatening pregnancy to term or anything else politically hairy.

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