Well, here’s the 2nd time in 2 days I’m using this word: Ack.
vanity fair logo.jpgPro-abort Vanity Fair writer Andrea Buchanan scripted her dream anti-Tebow ad yesterday.
It’s quite inspiring if you like to be depressed, which pretty much sums up the meaning of abortion, aside from death. Not to mention the fact Buchanan stereotypes, misleads, wildly exaggerates, and appears cynical, angry, clichéd, and bitter. Is this really the only way abortion proponents can sell their product?

My commercial would open with a wide shot of abortion protestors (many who are members of Focus on the Family) marching in front of the doors of a non-descript abortion clinic in anywhere U.S.A. I would show them shouting “baby killer” and “devil worshiper,” and depict images of them throwing holy water on the women who are attempting to walk through the doors and see a doctor. I would cast the commercial starting with the anti-Tebows: the unattractive, the unfit, the look of stark raving mad….

Then I would cut to Dr. George Tiller, the abortion provider who was murdered by Scott Roeder in June 2009. Tiller, like Tebow, was a devout Christian, and he never missed a Sunday service. He was shot pointblank range in front of his family while attending church in his hometown of Wichita, KS. The Super Bowl audience, while drinking their beers and eating their Doritos, would watch Tiller speaking directly into the camera about the women who come to see him and why they have to make these very difficult choices….
In my commercial, I would get close-ups of the women who named their babies and held funerals for them and still made the decision to abort because they were so malformed that they were missing hearts, lungs, or barely recognizable as a human being. I would cut to various women, speaking straight into camera, from all walks of life that have had to face a difficult choice to have abortions and hear first hand why they made that choice. We would see a gritty montage of women who have been raped and don’t want to keep a child, women who became pregnant after being penetrated by their father and have been brave enough to speak out and get help. Women who are homeless and can’t afford to keep the children they have, much less another child. Young women who had sex, got pregnant, and want to finish high school and go on to college. Women who are wealthy, educated, married, and simply don’t want another baby for whatever reason. The myriad of choices.
And then I would cut back to Tiller. I would show pictures of his family. Pictures of his church and congregation that loved him and I would ask for an interview with his wife and children. I would hear first hand about how much they miss their father and their husband. And then a final image in my Super Bowl commercial would be Scott Roeder, Tiller’s murderer, being carted off to jail, serving life in prison without a morsel of regret in his face. I would show his mother, who made the choice to give birth to Scott Roeder, just as Tim Tebow’s mother did. And at the end of my awesome, 30-second $2.5 million football commercial, I would say simply: “Not all babies end up football stars. Celebrate life. Celebrate family. Celebrate choice.”


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