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Philip Klein in the America Spectator postulated yesterday another reason for the House delay in advancing a vote on healthcare, aside from garnering 216 ayes, is a poor CBO score:

As Democrats have delayed releasing their final health care reconciliation bill, they’ve consistently tried to create the impression that they’re essentially finished, but are merely waiting on the Congressional Budget Office….
Yet the delay in releasing the bill and CBO score (which was initially supposed to come out as early as last week) has suggested something else – that early estimates from the CBO were bad, and they’re making changes to get the score that they want.

Klein spotted corroboration in a CQ Politics piece…

House Democratic leaders are still struggling to produce a final health care overhaul bill at an acceptable official cost estimate….

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House leaders were to huddle late Tuesday afternoon…. There were reports they are having trouble drafting a bill that meets their budgetary targets….
House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller, D-CA, was asked by reporters about reports that preliminary CBO scores showed that the reconciliation bill does not save $2 billion over 5 years as required under budget rules, and that the costs of the total bill topped $1 trillion. “I don’t know that yet,” he replied. “We’re waiting to hear back from CBO. When I left the meeting last night, we were sending it back to CBO.”
Rep. Robert Andrews, D-NJ, who has been asked by House leaders to help promote the bill, also declined to talk about whether initial CBO estimates may have revealed problems….

Business Week today is stating the same thing:

Congressional Democrats, racing to finish work on an overhaul of the US health system, are facing delays as they strive to meet deficit-cutting targets…..
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… yesterday… said the House would meet the budget targets, and party leaders including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer reiterated that they expect a vote this week.
Still, Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can’t move forward until they have the cost estimate from the nonpartisan budget office. They have been going back and forth with CBO officials for days, Reid said.

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