Here’s amazing news. Did you know the Stupak Amendment in the House’s healthcare bill actually bans private insurance companies from covering abortion?
planned parenthood, stupak, abortion, insurance coverage.pngThat’s what Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claimed in an email today:

Now that Congressional leaders and the White House are pushing for a final vote on health care reform, Congressman Bart Stupak and his allies – including the National Conference of Catholic Bishops – are threatening to bring down the entire bill unless it eliminates private health insurance coverage for abortion.

Richards doesn’t like the Senate’s Nelson Amendment either but says she’ll tolerate it for now, just pass the bill in the House… additional corroboration not to:

It’s time for Congress to put an end to this anti-choice push and focus on what matters most: extending health care coverage to the millions of Americans who are cut out of our current system. Tell Congress: Pass health care reform. Say no to any anti-choice side deals with Bart Stupak, and fix the Nelson amendment. Say no to any new restrictions on abortion.

Richards linked in her email to a disturbing video….

Tiffany Campbell is not new to the pro-abortion scene. She 1st told her story when opposing SD’s abortion ban in 2006 – while still on bedrest pregnant with the baby she did not abort. Her situation was indeed tragic. Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome is very serious.
Campbell’s doctor won’t speak with the press, so we don’t know if he recommended a procedure to try to save both babies and the Campbells declined. But the “selective reduction” abortion option they chose is so rare it isn’t even offered in their home state of SD. They had to fly to Cincinnati to have it committed.
But for Campbell to say, as she did in the video, emphasis hers, “Now, some in Congress want to end all health insurance for abortion,” is simply ridiculous and false. Congressional pro-lifers simply seek to ensure that no public funds go directly or indirectly for abortion.
tiffany campbell, abortion, planned parenthood.jpgIn fact, it would be considered unconstitutional for Congress to ban private insurance companies from covering abortion. That Planned Parenthood is ratcheting up its false rhetoric shows desperation.
I also think it’s creepy and certainly holds the potential to psychologically damage the children the Campbells didn’t kill, particularly surviving twin Brady, to showcase them in an ad promoting abortion. Imagine what he has to think through when he grows up.
Had he been the weaker twin, he wouldn’t be here.
[Photo via NPR]

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