Good news comes this morning that during the wee hours Senate Republicans were successful in finding 2 parliamentary problems that will force the House to revote on the healthcare bill. Keep what they did in the public eye. (These were 2 provisions in the reconciliation bill dealing with Pell Grants that violated the Byrd Rule. They will be stricken out.)
Before that Senate Democrats voted down 29 Republican amendments in an attempt to keep the House version pure so this wouldn’t have to happen. Some of those votes will come back to bite Dems during election season, such as voting against an amendment to ban coverage of Viagra to convicted sex offenders.
Moving on, here’s a very nice photo of President Obama surrounded by Democrat pro-life traitors watching him sign his pseudo pro-life executive order yesterday….
executive order signing obama stupak.jpg
And a USA Today piece reported today both sides of the abortion issue were “quick to dismiss” it…

Both sides in the abortion debate came to a rare agreement on Wednesday: The executive order on abortion signed by President Obama, they said, was basically meaningless.
“A transparent political fig leaf,” according to the National Right to Life Committee’s Douglas Johnson.
“A symbolic gesture,” said Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards….

Obama agreed to issue the order to placate a group of House Democrats who oppose abortion rights, led by Rep. Bart Stupak, D-MI. They had demanded that the health care bill include specific language banning any use of government funds or tax subsidies for abortions….
Now, no one’s happy.
Richards says the order only “codifies” what’s already in the bill. Although she said she’s pleased women can pay for coverage of abortions on their own, she regrets that a “pro-choice president” signed the order.
Johnson lashed out at Stupak and those who voted for the health care bill, calling them “lawmakers who in the end cared more about pleasing the powerful (House) speaker from San Francisco than their pro-life constituents.”
The White House is looking to move on. Obama signed the order Wednesday behind closed doors, and Gibbs was reluctant to discuss the controversial issue at his daily news briefing….

[HT: Dougy; photo via the White House]

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