Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for breaking.jpgUPDATE, 9:37: UPDATE, 10:08a: The Associated Press is reporting there will be “no deal” on abortion:

A top House Democrat says party leaders are unlikely to cut a deal with abortion opponents to pass President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul….

Rep. Henry Waxman tells The Associated Press that “the likely outcome” is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will move ahead without the votes of a group of abortion opponents who want tougher restrictions in the bill against taxpayer funding for the procedure….

From Wonkette on Twitter: “Stupak just canceled his press conference.”
UPDATE, 9:34a: From Greta VanSusteren, 10:27a EST:

A group of pro-choice women just exited the Speaker’s office and said that another vote on the Stupak language is not going to happen.
There are rumblings that his 1100 newser is cancelled as well, but we don’t have that confirmed.

UPDATE, 9:32a: has the Stupak “enrollment corrections” bill posted, noting…

It’s essentially the Stupak amendment….
A concurrent resolution doesn’t have to be signed by the President, just adopted by the House and Senate….
Nobody really knows if Stupak can pull this off; there’s very little precedent….
It’s about as clear as mud. But somehow, when something has to be done, the rules tend to melt away. It’s clear the House cannot pass the health care bill without Bart Stupak. That tends to concentrate the mind….
The Pro-Choice Caucus, incidentally, is talking about an open revolt on this….
But you know, they say a lot of things.

Haha on the last line.
It’s worth reminding that Senate Republicans have promised to oppose any abortion language in reconciliation – including pro-life language. This means Democrats can count on NO HELP from Republicans if Stupak’s bill makes it over to the Senate chamber. All 51 votes will have to come from their 59 member caucus. From Roll Call, March 9:

Determined to block President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, Senate Republican leaders signaled Tuesday that they plan to object to any abortion language included in a proposed reconciliation package – even if they agree with the provision on policy grounds….
Republicans, hoping to sow doubts among House Democrats about reconciliation’s prospects for passing the Senate, revealed Tuesday they intend to raise procedural objections over any abortion language that shows up in a reconciliation package – even if it toughens prohibitions against federal funding. Specifically, Republican Senators plan to raise a budget point of order, a procedural move objecting to the reconciliation process that requires 60 votes to defeat.
“If there is anyone left in the House who believes Senate Republicans will help carry their water on abortion or anything else so they can vote in favor of the health bill, they are radically misreading our Conference,” a senior Republican Senate aide said Tuesday. “Republicans intend to raise every point of order and will not waive a single one regardless of merit to assist Democrats in passing this $2.5 trillion health care boondoggle.”

9:10a: Developing. Lots going on. Follow me on Twitter for latest I find. Link at right.
Reminder: Bart Stupak is holding a press conference at 11a EST today, although there are rumors it may be canceled.
Here was Stupak on Greta VanSusteren’s show last night:

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