Planned Parenthood Monticello Iowa, abortion.jpgIt was just a Planned Parenthood satellite “express” and only open 2 days a week, but still. The PP in Monticello, IA, has announced it will be closing, yeah!
Steve Brody, Exec. Dir. of Dubuque Co. Right to Life (where I’ll be speaking April 16) forwarded me a newspaper clipping from the teeny tiny Monticello Express. Other than that, no word anywhere else. PP wants its satellite to die silently, how it prefers all its deaths. Sorry, I’m not finding any online copy – Monticello Express’s website hasn’t been updated since October 2009. Click to enlarge…

Planned Parenthood, Monticello, Iowa, abortion, closing.jpg
Steve emailed:

This location opened in 2008 only a few months before the PP in Dubuque…. It appears to follow the same consolidation strategy PP is pursuing throughout the country to save money….
The efforts of pro-life warriors are working, and we know we can shut them down in Dubuque as well. Please pass along this great news….

Yes, it is great news.
PP’s spin on the closing was amusing. For all of PP’s talk of wanting “reproductive healthcare” available in every nook and cranny of the universe, PP is supposedly shuttering its Monticello branch because women find it more convenient to travel farther…

Feedback from patients has reflected their preference in the convenience of accessing reproductive healthcare while traveling to Cedar Rapids and Dubuque for work and shopping. Both health centers are equal distances from the current… location – 35 miles.

As a matter of fact, PP’s “express” shops have not been doing well at all. In a March 15, 2010, report on the ebb and flow of PP facilities, American Life League found (click to enlarge):
planned parenthood clinics closing.png
And so another PP “express” bites the dust.
[Photo via Planned Parenthood]

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