UPDATE, 3/13, 10:55a: Facebook friend Brian G. has provided the Facebook link to the pro-life event at this PP mill.
UPDATE, 3/12, 11:21a: Wonderful moderator Carla has forwarded the link information on the pro-life prayer vigil at this PP, here. It runs from 8:30a to 4p. “Please come for as long or as little time as your schedule allows,” the flyer reads. It also states 2k pro-lifers attended last year, not 1k as PP claims. Cool.
Turns out Carla attended last year. Here’s a photo of Carla’s group telling an inconvenient truth about abortion. Carla is 2nd from right…
Carla, Planned Parenthood vigil 2009, abortion.JPG
And here’s her video…

Jesus crucifixion.jpg3/12, 10:50a: Jesus Christ was murdered in ~33 AD on the first day of the Jewish Passover, now known to Christians as Good Friday, as the ultimate and final sacrifice for the sins of the world.
Jesus was a totally innocent man killed out of fear, anger, and the lust for power and money. He was the ultimate Inconvenient Truth.
pharaoh 3.pngNone of us have all the pieces, but I have always thought it not coincidental that there was a mass killing of babies when Moses, the 1st redeemer, was born, and a mass killing of babies when Jesus, the 2nd Redeemer, was born.
I think in anticipation of Jesus’ 2nd coming, satan has unleashed the greatest mass extermination of children in human history – via abortion and contraception (and recently added: human embryo experimentation). These children are often murdered for the same reasons Jesus was murdered.
So it is fitting that the St. Paul, MN, Planned Parenthood’s annual “visibility event” at its Highland Park abortion mill would be planned for Good Friday. If they understand the blasphemy, they likely revel in it. Since Twin Cities Atheists are also promoting PP’s event, I think they get it.
Planned Parenthood Highland Park, Minnesota, Good Friday, abortion.png
In response to the very strong Christian pro-life presence at the Highland Park abortion mill, “Tim,” Dir. of Gov’t Affairs for PP of MN, ND, and SD states on an accompanying video that PP has morphed this into a counter “Good Friday solidarity event,” complete with a community food drive.
As a PP volunteer states on the video, “So we get a lot of people out here on this one day, basically just showing that they’re here for us and have us in their thoughts all year round.”

All the more reason for St. Paul pro-lifers to come out and dwarf the presence of these blasphemous minions. MN pro-lifers, give me contact info on the pro-life event, and I’ll post it.

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