good reads.jpgEvery now and then a pile of good reads stacks up, and I aggregate them, not having enough time to compile them into posts. Here’s one of those times. TMI! So here you go…

  • “It’s back, abortion debate reignites,” Politico, March 23
  • “Democrats who backed healthcare overhaul face attack ads,” Reuters, March 22
  • “Pro-life Democrats, RIP,” Wall Street Journal, March 23
  • “The disappearing pro-life Democrat,” The American Spectator, March 22…
  • “Democrats For Life of America proud to be a part of healthcare reform,” March 21
  • “Schlafly: Health Care Vote Set to Expose the Myth of the ‘Pro-Life Democrat,'” March 21
  • And here’s a flashback I found quite interesting to reread now that we know how the Stupak drama ultimately played out, a January 6 New York Times article profiling him, “Abortion foe defies Party on health care bill”
  • nyt bart stupak january.jpg
    [Photo via the NYT]

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