If you haven’t yet grabbed your 1st cup of coffee this morning, you won’t need it after viewing the following 1:34 clip from a news conference House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held yesterday.
St. Joseph.jpgFor starters, it is verboten to interject religion into politics – unless you’re a Democrat trying to pass pro-abort legislation. At this beginning of this little political homily Pelosi name-drops St. Joseph and at the end, supportive liberal nuns.
The Catholic saint from whom Pelosi invokes help is ironically Joseph, Jesus’s adoptive father, who accepted Mary as his betrothed during her crisis pregnancy as an unwed teen and raised Jesus as his own son….

I’m not one to pray to saints, but this sure seems like the wrong guy to reach out to for help passing legislation including public funded abortion.
An objective observer would wonder why Pelosi goes out of her way to claim the bill being voted on is “life affirming,” a strange and unnecessary phrase needed to describe legislation providing blanket healthcare coverage to Americans. But of course, right?
No, we all know what was up with that. Pelosi was portending her touted legislation is the opposite of what it really is, going so far as to recall, “Some of the you present earlier in the week when we started with little children, babies as young as 6 weeks old, to talk about what it means to them.”
nun group backs healthcare.pngFortunately for some of them, public funded abortions in Pelosi’s healthcare bill wasn’t yet available.
Finally, Pelosi highlighted a letter received from a group of liberal nuns in support of her healthcare bill that includes public funded abortions. See this post for more on them. Surprise, surprise, Pelosi discloses 2 of them instructed her in her whacked out belief system.
So here you go…

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