I wrote in February that stalwart pro-lifer Todd Bullis was soon to spearhead what he calls the Church Project, an effort to educate congregants of Ventura, CA, churches of the reality of abortion through signs of graphic abortion images.
warning abortion photos ahead.pngTodd reported in an extended version of the video below that of 100 area churches, only 10 currently support pregnancy care centers. Todd’s mission is to rouse churches in his Jerusalem – where he lives – to become more proactive in opposing abortion.
Todd launched his effort this past Sunday at his own former church, Reality Ventura, a mega-church, where he had previously picketed with nongraphic signs and also met several times with church leaders….

“Reality.” Ironic
Todd reported in the extended video his group was surprisingly well received by all other than – unsurprisingly – staff, most of whom attempted to ignore him except for 1 rude pastor, Billy Hunter….

Todd and his pro-life friends plan to picket one church every Sunday, which will take him 2 years. Go with God, brothers and sisters. We pray your efforts bear fruit and awaken the apathetic church in your ministry area. Todd’s website is AbortionWoes.com.

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