I reported yesterday on the uproar created among congregants at a self-identified pro-life church when pro-life activists protested there this past Sunday, holding signs with graphic photos of aborted babies.
Well, sometimes a graphic photo can have the opposite impact, as I discovered last week.
Backstory: During the 2008 presidential election season I posted several political cartoons that spotlighted Barack Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as state senator, including this one (click to enlarge)….
jls post obama abortion survivors.png
Note for future reference I never wrote “LOL” about the photo, nor did any commenters as far as I can tell.
Ok, so I got this email out of the blue on March 29 (click all emails to enlarge)…

joni myers.png
Well, wow, I had no idea what this chick was talking about, and it took awhile to find out…
joni slide 2.png
joni slide 3.png
joni slide 4.png
joni 5.png
I love when people complain about my posts and then getting snarky when I try to get them to be specific. I have written 4,351 blog posts since April 2005. Even giving me a date doesn’t point me to the offending piece. But finally we got down to it. And I still tried to dialogue civilly…
joni 6.png
joni 7.png
All right, that did it. I admit I’ve never done anything like this before when corresponding with a pro-abort…
joni 8.png
… but I think I may have hit on something. Pictures cut through the rhetoric.
I haven’t heard from Joni since.

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