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  • The Calgary Herald has an editorial by John Carpay defending the University of Calgary students who are being charged with “nonacademic misconduct” and have been threatened with expulsion for refusing to turn graphic images of abortion inward during a on-campus display:
  • Last year the U of C charged its own students with trespassing for having set up their pro-life display on campus….

    But the Crown Prosecutor’s Office stayed the charges rather than go ahead with the trial. Nobody knows what the trial’s outcome might have been, but the notion that tuition-paying students become “trespassers” on their own campus when exercising their free speech rights is both shocking and absurd.
    …The U of C has informed these students that their conduct is a “Major Violation” in the same category with theft, vandalism, fraud, sexual assault, firearms misuse, and selling drugs.

  • According to the Catholic News Agency, an 11-year-old girl in Mexico has refused an abortion. My Spanish is a bit rusty but I believe this is the article on which the CNA article is based. I believe the article notes that she was abused by her stepfather and is 17 weeks pregnant. Here’s more information on the situation from CNN which says the girl is 10 years old.
  • Tulsa World has news on pro-life bills in OK which passed the Senate and are now either heading back to House or to the governor’s desk.
  • Marc Theissen has an editorial in the Washington Post about NE’s fetal pain legislation. I tend to agree with this sentiment:
  • But regardless of the legal outcome, a national discussion on the topic of “fetal pain” can only help the pro-life movement.

  • The bodies of more than a dozen aborted children were found near a garbage dump in India. Authorities suspect they were placed there by an abortion clinic which performs illegal sex selection abortions.
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