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From People magazine, April 6:

After nearly 4 months in neonatal intensive care, Duggar baby No. 19, Josie Brooklyn, is finally leaving the hospital….
She was born on Dec. 10 via emergency C-section at just 25 weeks’ gestation. Weighing just 1 lb. 6 oz., the micropreemie fought for her life, surviving a bowel perforation at only 8 days old.
Today, Josie weighs 4 lbs. 9 oz., is breathing without oxygen, eating every 3 hours and stable enough to go home….
“She has a strong personality,” Michelle says. “She is a spunky little thing and will keep us all going.”…

The littlest Duggars at home – Jackson, 5, Johanna, 4, Jennifer, 2, and Jordyn, 15 months – have never seen Josie in person and “are jumping up and down that they will finally get to meet their baby sister,” says Michelle. Of course, given Josie’s still-delicate state, “the little ones will have to be careful with slobbery kisses to prevent any colds and sniffles,” Michelle adds.
The family will remain in a rental home nearby in Little Rock indefinitely until they are ready to take Josie home to Tontitown, AR. “I will be her main caregiver,” Michelle says, “and we’ll have a lot of helpers around to take turns feeding her and getting her to sleep.”
19 Kids and Counting: Josie Comes Home airs Sunday, May 9, at 8/7 Central on TLC.

May God protect Josie and help her grow strong.

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