This is one of those times when I’m stymied that so many people could be blind to the fact that Obama is an emperor with no clothes.
Yesterday when asked by a reporter whether he would demand that his Supreme Court nominee support Roe v. Wade, Obama responded, “I don’t have a litmus test… but…” and proceeded to outline his abortion litmus test.

This is one of those times when Obama showed himself to be an intellectual idiot whose primary speaking ability is making his nonsense sound lofty, thereby taking in the idiotic masses….

There are so many simple questions MSM could ask in follow-up, such as, “Please explain ‘bodily integrity.'” Or, “Why do you say abortion can be ‘a difficult decision’?” Or, “Exactly why don’t you believe preborn children should be counted as ‘individuals [that] are protected in their privacy’?”
MSM did push back, at least with White House Press Sec. Robert Gibbs, if not on the physiological illogic of Obama’s statements, at least on his rhetorical double speak, as reported.

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