Pro-abort Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg ran into a problem yesterday.
neil steinberg.jpgSteinberg wanted to promote National Safe Haven Day, today, which “raise[s] awareness of… local Safe Haven laws, with the intention of saving the lives of mothers and babies,” according to its website.
Safe haven laws allow mothers to abandon their newborn babies (in IL up to 30 days old), no questions asked, at specified safe havens like fire stations and hospitals.
Why Steinberg supports safe haven laws…

You never forget seeing a dead baby. This one was maybe a month old, perfect features, mouth slightly open, bluish skin, swaddled in a blanket, waiting its turn on a stainless steel table at the Cook Co. Medical Examiner’s office….
Nearly 20 years later, I can see the baby as if it were in front of me now. My buddy… and I were doing a profile of the first Cook Co. medical examiner, Dr. Robert Stein….
I mention this, because when young women abandon their babies, it often means not only a slow, painful death for the baby – which would be bad enough – but also a grisly discovery for whatever poor person stumbles upon the baby too late. A dead baby is hard enough to see in the morgue, where you expect it. I can’t imagine what it does to a person who opens a trash can and finds one.

Stein realized his rationale for supporting safe haven laws for born babies was inconsistent with his opposition to safe haven laws for preborn babies, so he tried to shut pro-lifers up at the pass:

The clattering sound you hear is dozens of anti-abortion activists pounding away at their keyboards. “Dear Stinkberg,” they write, “how can you even pretend to care about babies when you approve of women murdering their children in the uterus?? Please see the attached 12 color photographs of aforementioned diced children….”

8 week old aborted baby, center for bio-ethical reform.jpg

And the answer – not that they are interested in an answer, but let’s pretend – is that I, like most Americans, differentiate between actual, born-and-alive-in-the-real-world-now babies and the fertilized egg the size of the period at the end of this sentence that typically gets aborted…. [JLS note: Photo of 8-wk-old aborted baby at left.]
Caring for actual babies is hard, and the state struggles to find enough foster homes to park them in. That’s another reason why people gin up this outsized concern for other people’s non-babies: It’s easy. You can stand in the street holding a 5-foot photo of a tiny bloody foot, call it a day, tell yourself you’ve saved a lot of babies, when in reality you haven’t changed one diaper. Merely professed your undying concern for proto babies, which hardly exist, and ignored a bunch of baby babies, who most certainly do exist and could use your help. And you felt morally superior to boot. Congrats.
Just wanted to put in my two cents, because these people act as if nobody else thinks about these things except them. Most people give this matter careful consideration, even those who are dismissed as hell-bound whores murdering their infants.
Respect for life means respecting those who are actually alive, even if they make decisions that go contrary to your personal religious scruples. It’s a tough-to-grasp concept, I know, particularly if you don’t even try to understand.

I responded to Steinberg in a comment:

You never forget seeing a dead baby. This one was maybe 21-22 weeks old, perfect features, mouth slightly open, bluish skin, swaddled in a blanket, in my arms in a soiled utility room in the labor and delivery department at Christ Hospital on the southwest side.
This baby had been aborted and survived. He was fully formed but his lungs weren’t mature, so he died a slow, painful, 45-minute death of asphyxiation, while I held him and helplessly watched.
Neil, you couldn’t imagine what finding a dead baby does to the person who opens a trash can and makes the discovery. Imagine what it does to the person who witnesses the death.
That was me, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now. I’m a registered nurse who stumbled on the late-term abortion procedure called induced labor abortion at Christ Hospital in 1999.
The abortion procedure, still practiced there and in many other hospitals and abortion clinics throughout the country, sometimes results in babies being aborted alive. Survivors are shelved to die or outright killed ( in such cases.
State and federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act laws are meant to protect them, like Safe Haven laws, but they aren’t being enforced. Will you help, Neil?
I expect you won’t. And that’s ok. Just be honest with yourself, because you haven’t been thus far. If you had actually ever looked at a photo of an aborted baby you couldn’t possibly dismiss her as “the fertilized egg the size of the period at the end of this sentence that typically gets aborted.” You’re frankly ignorant, Neil.
Since visuals appear to impact you so much, take time to educate yourself.
Watch beautiful videos of babies the age that are often aborted, 6-8 weeks, at the Endowment for Human Development website, which has been approved by National Geographic:
And for a dose of reality, view photos of 7-week-old aborted babies here:
The photos of aborted babies look an awful lot like the dead born baby you saw, Neil – hands, fingers, feet, toes.
The videos show babies this age have beating, 4-chamber hearts. They’ve had detectable brainwaves for a week.
Be my guest to continue to spout pro-abort rhetoric, Neil.
But debate the topic from an informed viewpoint, not one so obviously obtuse.

[HT: Fran Eaton at IL Review]

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